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Ways to donate:

  • PayPal: Donate to TruthDB, a web site owned by the maintainer of ConCen
  • Email: If you live in Canada and/or use Interac banking, you can email money to
    Details here.
  • Bitcoin: Send a message to nibs, or an email to for instructions on how to donate in a truly anonymous way. I'll create a one time bitcoin address which will never be used again or published, so it won't be associated with ConCen. If you create a one time sending address to send it from, your identity will be hidden as well.

    Below is a list of donors. On behalf of the users of ConCen I thank them for helping to keep this important site alive. Bravo!

    Donor Amount (USD unless noted)
    Naeem $200
    westwind $200CAD
    anonymous $97.77+$10AUD+$8CAD
    rab $60
    magg123 $50CAD
    ryba777 $48
    germandesign $35
    carlo7 $30
    lost4815 $30
    CoolPaq $25
    mandrake666 $25
    benkenobi $20
    fivecook2531 $20
    donmcgon64 $20AUD
    jgcasajr $35BRL
    asolo $15CAD
    Smile $10CAD
    kbenweg $7
    Dutch €5
    Leonard304 $5
    pax $5

    If you are on the donor list but wish to be anonymous, message me. Conversely if you donated but haven't been credited (some aren't traceable to a user name), message me the date and amount donated so I can add you.