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I Love You. How about an Index?

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I Love You. How about an Index?

I've been using Concen for a while without an account, and before then, digging into the rabbithole on TPB and YT and other sources.

I feel like there is no good index - anywhere - of conspiracy stuff.

I'm thinking it would look like the old Yahoo! - a nice hierarchy of sensible categories. The best documentaries/lectures/books/audios would be starred so people know where to start in each category.

Is anyone interested in putting something together? It would have to be crowdsourced, and easy for new editors and contributors to join in, under clear guidelines.

I'm not sure what software would be the right thing, perhaps just a wiki but maybe there is something more appropriate. Perhaps it's just a series of Forum threads.


It's been on my mind for years

There is the "essential content" flag, but nobody uses it because it's not obvious. In the next version of ConCen there will be better category labeling combined with user voting. A forum thread is also a good idea. If it gets popular I'll pin it.


The reason I ask is that it seems to me at this point that I know basically everything about everything - at least, I know the general outlines of all the alternate fact rabbitholes, and some of them in detail.

If I have blindspots, I don't know where they are - when I see lists of "must watch" etc I've been through it all already.

I'll have a stab at starting a thread at some point.


Essential Content

Is there a way to search by Essential Content?

I tend to sort by peers/completed downloads, and work my way through popular stuff that way.

Good question!
zoopenhoff wrote:

Is there a way to search by Essential Content?

There isn't but there should be. There will be in ConCen next ...


Pro: I like the idea of a browsable directory. The whole concept yahoo broached died in the face of google but it always served a nice balancing need to browse categories laterally rather than relying on algorithms to do the heavy lifting. The downside is that it is manual (we must make it); but the upside, too, is that we must make it (manual). I imagine something of this sort already exists, at least in basic framework.

Con: "Conspiracies" as a category is too narrow. I would gravitate more to something focussed on "Alternative Explanations" as opposed to just conspiracies. Alternative explanations has the advantage of broadening the topic to alternative modes of perception: alternative narratives, whether politics or awareness more generally, is to my mind a subset of how we see and understand things more generally; hence, perception. Things like psychedelics, science fiction, philosophy, spirituality, meditation, hidden codes, etc. all fall broadly within this more general category.

Alternative: Instead of search engines or directories, a third option is something like yewno discovery layer that offers mind maps from search terms. This has the advantage that non-native language speakers can use it (since you don't have to be a master english to benefit from something visual). Yewno is likely user-pay but just putting it out there because I've not seen it put to general use.

oh I agree!

I think the best way to approach the categorisation is to ignore the fact that those still in the matrix still think of it as conspiracy theories. Just categorise it, as truth, the way a library will hopefully look at it in 100 years.

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