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Generous donors, Etch A Sketches, and frilly feline frills

OK so living in a frozen piss soaked box under a train bridge just became much easier thanks to a generous member who made a large ($200) donation. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

I used the money to buy some frilly frills for my frisky feline friends,

and a WiFi enabled Etch A Sketch.

This means I can now get back into sketching code. Hopefully soon some of the code will make it onto the site were possibly one or two of you might notice it eventually. Happy happy happy; joy joy joy!


I thought all the cool kids had a 9600 Baud modem!

I can fart faster than 9600 baud.

nibs wrote:

I can fart faster than 9600 baud.

sadly I cannot...

I have been an active member for a bit more than a few years now. And I am always doing my part by having a Dedicated server where I allow all of my torrents to seed in that seedbox for very long periods of time. I think that this is another great way to help the uploaders who work very hard on their craft, as-well-as-the staff, contributors, and the Tracker as-a-whole. I think that this is a pretty good model for a user to follow regarding keeping all sorts of great torrent/info alive.
Thank you all so much.

ConCen appreciates your efforts.

I agree. Thank you to all uploaders and staff.
I just found this site today. I have no money, but I have unlimited bandwidth. Because this is a public site, I have been able to find you and in return I will seed all torrents that I have for minimum of 1 year.