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ConCen is now FREE for ALL USERS!!!!

Since it was time again to beg for more money to keep this place running, I decided to rethink paying €40 per month for a virtual server with 2 processors, 35GB storage and 4GB memory. The people @ EuroVPS really like to run a lot of virtual servers on each physical server, making ConCen feel slow. A recent crackdown on tracker abuse (clients sending hundreds of bogus requests per minute) made it a little better, but not much.

So I decided to move the server to another hosting company which provides similar service but for much less money (€9 to be exact). The site will feel slow for the first few days as the indexes are being rebuilt in the new database. There will no doubt be other glitches as well. At least I (the last round of donations expired months ago) won't have to pay so much each month to keep the place going.

So now that the monthly cost is so low, I can cover it myself. This means ConCen is not only free of advertising, but free to all users. Woo hoo. Yay. Time to declare a national holiday and get nuts celebrating. Oh dear. Stop me, please.


do u take paypal

Unless the server gets too busy so I need to upgrade the plan, I can cover the €9 myself. Maybe in the future I'll set up a donation bin where all the money is compensation for my time spent wearing my fingers to the bone fending off all the hackers. Or maybe I'll put up ads for fake Viagra and toxic sex toys.

Thanks for your effort and commitment.

Please don't put up any "Ashley Madison" ads.

fake Viagra and toxic sex toy ads would be preferable (not!)

lol's still too slow. Looks like I'll have to go back to paying too much per month, but hey - it's the summer so I can live outside and give my rent to EuroVPS. It doesn't matter if I'm living in a fucking tent as long as ConCen can continue, right?

...and living outdoors is not so bad once one gets used to the stench of stale hobo piss. Long live ConCen!

... some e-archaeologist will do research about how the Internet helped mankind to get free from the claws of those MF "elite" that has been enslaving us from millennia and the P2P movement will emerge as the most important venue of self (re)education... Obviously ConCen will be in the list of those of the finest kind educators !

T_H_A_N_K Y_O_U !!!

Thank you for your service, efforts and dedication, it is very much valued and appreciated!

Much appreciate the effort you make to help "ignorants&of course ppl who have question about their existence"! NAMASTE dear Soul. Peace.