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Christmas & The Stench of Stale Hobo Piss

Greetings fellow ConCenners! Merry Christmas!

As you know, I have made ConCen free for everybody since May 2016. That meant I could no longer afford my rent, so I was evicted. I now live in a hobo piss soaked cardboard box, but hey - at least you guys get a free web site!

Happy New Year!


You lucky.. lucky bastard least you got a box !!!

Thank you for another great year
have a beauty !!

For all the changes and bumps that have occured, the site it still online. It would be my hope one day that a board such as this could go completely distributed and community supported. I am looking into various p2p ways of achieving this, but what a great legacy if it could get pulled off!

What can we do to help? This seems to be the state of most dedicated researchers.

I sure hope you to see back on `The Conspiracy Channel' even when I'm
not aware of it myself. The day they stamped out the notion of
criminalizing thoughts of conspiracy theories involving ruling class,
which emerged into `The War on Fake News', your work alone is enough to
add besides The History Channel, (Owned by History Channels (A&E
Networks) Hearst Corporation (50%), Disney–ABC Television Group (The
Walt Disney Company) (50%)
, `The Conspiracy Channel'. And thats where
the problem is, who is it that takes your work and exploits it without
even being able to file a lawsuit ? People don't even know how to fight
back anymore. And why was biology ditched from the highschool
curriculum ? Anyway a Happy New Year to Conspiracy Central !

Robert M. Stockmann - RHCE
Network Engineer - UNIX/Linux Specialist [email redacted]

Thank you my hobo friend! May 2017 bring you much joy .. or whatever you're hoping for.


Hope you're okay, man. Sending you positive vibes

Contributed 200 bucks right away through indiego, sorry that I never did this before. Keep it up bro!

feline friends! They sure do like to compete with each other as to who can piss on me the most, but they're otherwise so charming!

Thanks a bunch!!!! I am coding some good stuff on the back end which will make ConCen better. As I'm doing it on an Etch A Sketch, it's taking a while...

Sorry to post this way. Don't see another way to reach you. My email is redacted for all the details.